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Bioprocess Optimization – Groundbreaking Flow Technology!

Bioprocess Optimization – Groundbreaking Flow Technology!

For 2020 and beyond, accelerating vaccine production and optimizing yields is a main focus in Life Sciences. This has also been achieved by the more rapid introduction of Single Use Manufacturing Technology!

We at Malema have realized this need for many years now. As experts in flow measurement and control, Malema has invested tremendously over the last decade to deliver industry 4.0 technology advancements – especially in the Life Sciences sector. We created a revolutionary solution in our Single Use Mass Flow Meters, specifically our SumoFlo® Single-Use Coriolis flow meters which deliver a measurement accuracy superior to what was available before – better than ±1% of flow reading. The other technologies available are only capable of ±5% of reading and have not satisfied all our various OEM & end user customer’s requirements in the same way that Malema’s SumoFlo® flow meter has.

From TFF to Chromatography to Depth Filtration and more, please don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation on your system and demo options for optimizing your yields using our flagship SumoFlo® meter or variety of our other single use technology solutions

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