The chemical industry requires products to meet high standards for safety and reliability, while reducing pollution and energy consumption. Each reaction poses its own unique challenges to meeting these requirements. Malema’s expertise and knowledgebase provides you with solutions custom-engineered for your specifications.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument.


MFC-8100 Series Closed-Loop Flow Controller

Closed Loop Integrated Flow Controller - Single Display Version.
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M-50T/M-55T Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

Fixed setting PTFE flow switch with in-line flow. The M-50T Series low flow, flow switches monitor increasing and decreasing flow. They utilize a single moving part which responds to fluid (liquid or gas) flowing within a system. These switches are suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial, biomedical, and OEM products. The flow monitors operate only when fluid is positively established.
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VF-8100 Series Vortex Flow Meters

The VF-8100 consists of an inline flow sensor and electronics in one package. The flow sensor is a straight-through PFA tube that uses ultrasonic sensing technology to measure the flow rate. There are no moving parts or mechanical seals. The VF-8100 is an ideal choice for use in the semiconductor industry where minimal footprint, high purity and corrosion resistant wetted parts are required.
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M-701 Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

The M-701 offers low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop. M-701 is designed for ease of maintanance, as the bonnet and shuttle can be removed, leaving the housing and pipe work connections intact. All wetted parts are polypropylene or stainless steel, making this switch ideal for a wide range of chemical and temperature requirements.
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M-80 Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

All stainless, fixed setting flow with in-line flow switch. The M-80 Series flow switches are engineered and field tested for sensing increasing and decreasing flow rates of gases or liquids. Pressure variation effects are minimal. This series features such versatility, economy, and accuracy that they can be used in virtually any application requiring fool-proof inexpensive flow detection.
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Flomat Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The FLOMAT series flow meter is suitable for use in large diameter pipes or open channels as an economical solution for liquid metering. Applications include flow measurement of conductive liquids in water treatment, sewage treatment, acid and alkaline solutions in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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Flowmate Series Oval Gear

The Flowmate series oval gear flow meters are designed for monitoring fuel consumption of combustion appliances and heaters or applications when low flow measurement is required. They are also suitable for a variety of liquid flow applications including high viscosity fluids.
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Flomid FX Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The FLOMID FX is an advanced magnetic flow meter that is suitable for measuring conductive liquids with great accuracy and repeatability. With no moving parts or obstructions in the flow path, these meters are best suited for measuring flow of water, waste water, chemicals, pulp and slurries.
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