The chemical industry requires products to meet high standards for safety and reliability, while reducing pollution and energy consumption. Each reaction poses its own unique challenges to meeting these requirements. Malema’s expertise and knowledgebase provides you with solutions custom-engineered for your specifications.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument.


COVOL Series Oscillating Piston Flow Meters

The COVOL oscillating piston flow meters is ideally suited for viscous fluids such as oils, waxes and polymers. The sensor is constructed in SS-316, PVC, PP and PTFE materials options. It can be easily cleaned and sterilized.
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SC-250 Series Metal Tube Rotameters

Malema's SC250 & SM250 model metal tube variable area flow meters are suitable for gases, liquids and steam flow measurement. It uses a robust metal tube construction with an optional plastic liner to handle tough and corrosive process fluids.
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2000 Series Glass Tube Purge Meters

Series 2000 glass tube variable area purge meters are available in 100mm, 150mm and 300mm tube lengths and with optional fine threaded regulating valve for precise flow measurement. They are suitable for gas and liquid flow measurement and control.
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TM44 Series Turbine Flow Meters

The TM44 series turbine flow meters are used in precise measurement of clean fluid flow such as the process fluids including acids, alkali, solvents, water, CIP fluids, oil, minerals, petrochemical products, cryogenic liquids, and other liquids.
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DP Series Target Flow Meters

The DP series target flow meters are suitable for liquid and gas flow measurement. Its design and robust construction makes it suitable for tough applications including the liquids containing solid particles.
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AD-15 Series Flow Switches & Flow Indicators

AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 series flow switches can be fitted with local flow indicators. AD series flow switches can be used for monitoring liquid and gas flows.
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LU Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

LU90 series transmitter is an advanced level instrument based on the transmission of ultrasonic waves to measure the level of liquid or solid in a vessel. Its non contact measurement makes it suitable for highly corrosive liquids. User friendly programming keys and local read out helps setting up and operating the instrument with ease.
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MFS-25 Series Paddle Flow Switches

The MFS-25 series of Paddle Flow Switches that are ideally suited in process applications where direction of flow and desired actuation set points are needed for control and dynamics of operations. Suitable for installation in pipes 1" to 8" and rated to 1500 psi max.
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