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Flow Measurement and Control for Diamond Slurry in Semiconductor Processing

Flow Measurement and Control for Diamond Slurry in Semiconductor Processing

Accurate flow measurement and control of slurry dispense in semiconductor polishing and lapping tools is critical. It guarantees customers high throughput, reduced consumption, and consistent quality.

Flow measurement of diamond slurries is extremely difficult due to the highly viscous nature of the fluid. Traditional flow meters and flow controllers such as paddle wheel, differential pressure, or ultrasonic sensors used in the Semiconductor industry are more suitable for water-like viscosities and densities. Diamond slurries on the other hand can be as high as 500 cP or more in viscosity.

Coriolis Flow Meter Solution

Malema’s PFA Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and Flow Controller is the only flow measuring technology that is successfully used in such high viscosity applications. Coriolis flow measurement technology is impervious to changes in density and viscosity of the flowing medium.

Malema’s OEM customers are successfully using our PFA Coriolis flow meters and flow controllers on their tools. Seeing the benefits of these controllers, their end-user customers have requested these flow meters and controllers to be retrofitted on their legacy tools that do not currently have these measurement sensors.

The end user no longer has to manually mix diamond slurry and fill a day tank. Using a peristaltic pump and Malema's CPFM-5000 series Coriolis flow meter has increased lapping / polishing production, reduced expensive diamond slurry waste and eliminated manually supplying the tool with slurry. The end user was so impressed they retrofitted five tools so far.

Malema Coriolis flow meters and flow controllers are available in sizes ¼” and 3/8”, for flow rates 50 g/min to 4000 g/min.

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