Life Sciences

Picture for manufacturer Life SciencesThese Malema Life Sciences products are now part of PSG Biotech. As part of the PSG family of brands, these products are joining a full portfolio of other PSG products that support the life sciences and biopharmaceutical markets, including specialty flow-control solutions, including pumps, sensors and flow meters from PSG brands of em-tec, Quattroflow, and Quantex. Please visit PSG Biotech for more information.

The life sciences industry faces a diverse set of challenges, including worker safety and particulate and microbial contamination. While applications for pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical laboratories, and research facilities are all different, they face these challenges in all their processes. Malema’s engineered solutions provide the life science industry with improved solutions that optimize process yield while meeting the highest standards of cleanliness and purity.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument. We have developed a range of products to improve single-use biopharmaceutical manufacturing techniques. Our SumoFLO® single-use Coriolis flow meters are used in a variety of applicaitons from chromatography, tangential flow filtration, to bulk fluid transfer.


SumoFlo® Low-Flow SU Coriolis Flow Meter

The Low-Flow SumoFlo® CPFM-8103-series Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter from Malema Sensors® provides Mass Flow Rate to as low as 0.5 g/min.
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SumoFlo® Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter

The Malema SumoFlo product is now part of PSG Biotech. The SumoFlo® CPFM-8103 Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter from Malema Sensors® provides Mass Flow Rate, Density, Volumetric Flow Rate, and Temperature, accurate to ±1% of reading.
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DMP-7000 Single-Use Pulsation Dampener

The Malema DMP-7000 Pulsation Dampener product is now part of PSG Biotech. DMP-7000 pulsation dampener is designed for single-use applications in the life sciences industries. They are manufactured with all-plastic wetted surfaces that meet USP Class VI, USP 661.2, and USP 788 requirements.
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BCV-980 Biopharma Control Valve

The Malema BCV-980 Control Valve product is now part of PSG Biotech. The Malema Sensors® BCV-980 is a compact, high-performance, pinch control valve designed for use with Single-Use flexible tubing systems in the Biotechnology industry.
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MDM-3000 Dispense Verification Meter

The Malema MDM-3000 Dispense Verification Meter is the first high-purity instrument to provide realtime, direct volume measurement of critical process fluids with greater speed and accuracy than possible from traditional flow meter totalizers, weight scales or graduated cylinders.
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