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Ultra-Low Flow Measurement in Single Use Applications

Ultra-Low Flow Measurement in Single Use Applications

Engineering challenges are always exciting. It took us 2 years to perfect Malema's Low Flow Single Use Coriolis Flow Meter to perform to an accuracy specification of ±1% of reading across a flow range of 0.5 g/min to 50 g/min. Today the SumoFlo® CPFM-8103 Low Flow Coriolis Flow Meter is measuring consistently and accurately.

Why did our customer use Coriolis for his application? The major complaint from our customer was that all other technologies (including ultrasonic flow cells and clamp-on ultrasonic meters) have a significant drift and as such do not meet the high accuracy specs of ±1% of reading. Our customer also wanted a device that offered up accurate measurements when micro bubbles were present. All the devices he had tested just did not work with bubbles. He wanted accurate measurements from 1 g/min to 5 g/min.

If you do wish to receive a copy of the white paper on this application with all flow rate and calibration data collected, please email Malema Life Sciences at

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