M-100 Series Adjustable Flow Switches

Industries: Semiconductor , Industrial
Adjustable flow switch with right-angle flow, available in 1/8" & 1/4" port sizes.

The M-100 Series is an adjustable flow switch with right-angle flow that is extremely sensitive. It has been engineered to monitor vital sample flow parameters for instrumentation in process control and inert blanket gases. It is used as an auxiliary alarm monitor for flow meters and is ideally suited for applications when installed on a by-pass for determination of filter plugging. Infinite adjustment permits detection and signaling of very low fluid flows with the added capability of detection in high flows.


• Field adjustable
• Infinite flow range
• For corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and gases
• Extremely accurate and sensitive
• Low pressure drop
• All PTFE switch available
• Universal mounting available

Performance Specifications

Calibration range:

Air : 50 - 60,000 scc/min
Water : 3 - 950 cc/min

Set Point Accuracy:

±10% maximum


± 1%

Hysteresis :


Material Versions:**

Brass, 316 Stainless Steel, PTFE

Port sizes:

*Maximum flows through switch are higher.  For higher flow settings, contact factory.

**Other materials available on request.

  • Gas and liquid analyzers
  • Atmosphere furnaces
  • CVD tools
  • Vacuum systems


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