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Malema Turns 40

Malema Turns 40
In April 1981, Malema established itself in Boca Raton, Florida, as a manufacturer of flow measurement and flow control products. In the 1990s, Malema was the first to release an Ultrasonic Flow Controller to the Semiconductor Industry, which was followed in the early 2000s by the first PFA Coriolis Flow Controller. During this period, Malema’s global footprint increased dramatically by the rapidly growing demand for microchips in our daily lives. With R&D, Manufacturing and Service Centers in Florida, California, India, Singapore and South Korea, Malema increased its presence as a critical supplier to Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities and OEMs worldwide.
In the most recent decade, Malema released the SumoFlo® flowmeter, the first and only PEEK Single Use Coriolis Flowmeter for the Life Sciences industry. This Coriolis Flowmeter is by far the most accurate and repeatable flowmeter for Single Use applications, providing a huge boost to critical Biopharma processes such as Tangential Flow Filtration, Depth Filtration and Chromatography. We are proud that Malema’s Coriolis Single Use Flowmeter was selected for Covid-19 Vaccine production and is currently in use world-wide as we bring our expertise to the fight against the pandemic. In order to keep the Covid-19 vaccine flowing, Malema has increased its manufacturing capacity for single use products five-fold and is also beginning to extend our service footprint into Europe.
On this 40th Anniversary, we thank our Customers, Malema Team Members, Malema Distribution Partners and Suppliers globally as we continue to strive to provide innovative and high-quality flow technologies. 
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4/1/2021 4:34 PM