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Malema Enables Covid-19 Vaccine Production

Malema Enables Covid-19 Vaccine Production

July 15, 2020 - San Jose, California, USA

Malema’s Life Sciences team is truly proud and humbled to announce that our SumoFlo® Single-Use Coriolis Flow sensors are now on-board Ultra/Diafiltration systems that were recently qualified to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines. These Ultra/Diafiltration systems have been installed by a global pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Europe as part of the US government's “Operation Warp Speed”. 

According to Dan Malani, Chairman of Malema, “This brings Malema full circle from 2014 when we embarked on the R&D program to bring these highly accurate flow measurement systems to the Life Sciences market. Malema’s flow measurement technologies continue to enable systems that will deliver life-saving drugs.” 

About Malema

Malema is a world-class manufacturer of high precision Flow Measurement and Control Solutions for the Life Sciences, Semiconductor and other Industries. Malema is ISO 9001 certified and has direct manufacturing, customer service and/or research facilities in the United States, Singapore, India, South Korea and Japan. Additional information can be found at


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