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Fluid material handling in the semiconductor industry requires processes that are accurate and repeatable, while maintaining the highest standards for purity and cleanliness. Reliability, quality, and productivity improvements improve throughput and give chipmakers an advantage in this highly competitive market. Malema’s high-purity solutions are engineered to improve process control through use of leading edge technologies.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument.


M-1500MB Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Malema Sensors® M-1500MB Series Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter consists of a compact flow sensor and remote electronics. The M-1500MB Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter utilizes the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology and provides flow measuring solutions with minimum compromise in performance. The M-1500MB Series Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter is an ideal choice for use in the industries where minimal footprint, high purity and corrosion resistant wetted parts are required.

M-200-F Series Adjustable Flow Switch

The Malema M-200-F adjustable flow switch has an all-PFA body. It is ideal for semiconductor manufacturing and high-purity applications, as well as aggressive chemistries.
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