Special Products

Malema™ offers our expertise and services in solving difficult process measurement and control problems relating to fluid handling to our customers. Below are a few of our products that are specifically designed to solve certain customer problems. 

The patented Malema™ MDM-3000 is a liquid dispense verification meter, that when programmed to monitor low flow dispenses, can verify the dispensed volumes to the target volume and report dispense anomalies instantaneously. Using MDM-3000 reduces production expenses and end product quality issues by way of capturing and reporting the wrong dispense when otherwise they would have gone unnoticed.

The patented Malema™ Interconnect Interlock Device MIID-1000 is designed for CMP tools to detect leaks in valve seals and to prevent the cross contamination of fluids as well as alerting the production personnel of such valve seal leaks. Such valve seal leaks when a double-containment device such as MIID-1000 prompts plant shutdowns resulting in production losses and expesive cleanup costs.

In addition to the following products, Malema's customer support and application engineers are well trained and are ready to offer you the guidance when requested to select the right solution to suit the application.

MIID-1000 Malema Interconnect Interlock Device

Malema's MIID-1000 Interconnect Interlock Device helps to detect leaks in valve seals and prevents cross contamination of fluids.
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MDM-3000 Dispense Verification Meter

The Malema MDM-3000 Dispense Verification Meter is the first high-purity instrument to provide realtime, direct volume measurement of critical process fluids with greater speed and accuracy than possible from traditional flow meter totalizers, weight scales or graduated cylinders.
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BCV-980 Biopharma Control Valve

The Malema Sensors® BCV-980 is a compact, high-performance, pinch control valve designed for use with Single-Use flexible tubing systems in the Biotechnology industry.
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